Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Owwl "Dark Places" cd

Dark Places
Utech Records

This is drone. When people say they love drone they mean this. This is five tracks that sprawl well over an hour and create a massive, gorgeous piece of modern drone. This sounds like organs and accordions somehow never losing their notes, slowly weaving in and out to create texture and tone out of the air. This is the music of forever and you really bathe in it more than you listen to it. Some people cannot understand the appeal of this type of music. They feel it's monotonous and boring but this music is like an ocean, it can look monotonous on the surface but if you are willing to dive in you will experience something fantastic and alive.
     Visually, like all Utech releases, this is amazing. Keith Utech knows typography and restraint. He also has excellent knowledge of the grid and for this I am inspired and thankful

     Would I buy this? Of course.

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