Thursday, June 28, 2012

Folter "Tactical Dispute" cd

Tactical Dispute
Baby Smasher Records

From the cover art, which appears to be a low resolution picture of Nazis, to the distinctly military stencil fonts, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from this. back panel promised “Fried to the core and over exposed textures resulting in relentless minutes of insight and meditation from the war tragedies taken on by the U.S. soldiers. Sound pretty brutal right? There is definitely a theme here, and it’s unfortunately not horsies. 
     “From the Depths of of endless torture comes the beating, unbearing walls of sound from the depths of hell”. That was the rest of the back panel, sorry I didn’t mention it earlier. This record is apparently really deep, and  a “wall” is exactly what I got. This is record is harsh. harsh enough to make my teeth rattle, and give my testicles crib death. It’s also kind of boring.  Aside from some all together too on the nose samples (hint: army guy stuff) I found myself surprisingly bored, especially on subsequent listens.
      Unless you’re trying to convince your neighbor to call an exorcist, I can’t really recommend buying this record. The art is really starting to piss me off, it’s both black and white, and blurry.I appreciate that this is the cheapest way to go, but the blurry Nazis are starting to offend my palette. You could put a swastika masturbating on a red cross nurse with an eye wound on the cover and I would be less offended by the art than I am currently. If this were one of the cd’s you find laying on the urinal at shows and it wasn’t too damp, or if I were really mad about jews, I would probably snag it.

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  1. oh man. your first review at dead formats and im already laughing so hard. no offense to zach, though, because he's my boy.