Friday, June 22, 2012

Harmoos "Future Punks Chain" cdr

Future Punks Chain
Lava Church

Fairly interesting freak folk psychedelic from Lava Church this time around. I dig this quite a bit. Lo-fi and oddly recorded it has just enough precious emotional but also this cold detached feel to make the songs seem very real to me. I guess there is some sort of Ariel Pink meets Death in June by way of a Sunday swap meet record find in there if you need a description but I think this is well worth hearing if you care about that stuff. Maybe a bit Devendra Banhart if he didn't have that weird voice that you can't tell if it's awesome or a total put on. Like you wonder if that is how he orders fries… I wish you could hear my impression of that right now… anyhow, Harmoo is pretty damn good. 
      Visually it's pretty rough. Not horrible but rough none the less. It seems like a big arts and crafts project that got out of hand. Someone with a minimum sense of graphic design did a pretty good job organizing a million bit of type on the back but it screams 1994. Hmm. They may actually have a pretty good sense of graphic design but they just love that 90's look. If that is the case, bravo, but I would like to see a little space on the back of that. Not everything jammed into all four corners. I guess I have talked myself into thinking this is not that bad actually…  Maybe it's rough but in a pretty good way.
     Would I buy this? Surprisingly, yeah. I think I would. 

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