Sunday, June 3, 2012

Planning For Burial "Quietly" cs

Planning For Burial
Tycho Magnetic Anomalies

I wasn't really expecting this. Psychedelic guitar and vocal driven music with a lot of fuzz all over it. Minimal drum machine, organs and music that is a just little loose around the edges give this a bit of a Earth feel but with some buried vocals. One track is just straight up guitar with some quiet singing. It's not bad. The tape has a slightly warped feel that adds a nice warmth. Overall I would say that music is pretty good. I would like to hear more and I think it could be tightened up a little but it's pretty solid.
     The look of the tape is great. I really like the scribbly, abstract cover art and the type is pretty tasteful. This label puts these little obi style strips around the cassette itself that has all the pressing info which is cool but I think a stamp would look a little tighter and be more effective, but it's still pretty cool and at least you don't' see it very often. Limited to 55 copies. 
     Would I buy this? Yeah, I think so. 

Note: I will have new photos soon. Sorry for the mix up. 

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