Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Food World/Clang Quartet "Aeon" cs

Food World/Clang Quartet
Bicephalic Records

Holy fuck this is awesome. I have been missing noise like this. Intense and blistering right from the get go. I am not sure where these acts are but they both have this awesome midwest, Hanson Records vibe. Food World starts this off with a live track (which I love live noise tapes. They seem like a real artifact. A document of that precise moment that cannot be duplicated. I guess Deadheads would say that about live Dead bootlegs as well… hmm). Anyhow, It's good and noisy as shit with this excellent and unexpected subtle part that is kind of blowing me away right now. The last thing you hear is "set them on fire!" shouted from the crowd. I want to know what was going on. Clang Quartet just got done touring with Acid Mother's Temple and is piloted by Scotty Irving. It's a one man, harsh noise, percussion, performance art thing that I  think you should really hear very soon. It's very strange. Lot's of drums and noise that play off each other and ton of space. I really like that part. It's great.
     The tape is bright green with a colorful abstract painting across three panels. It's nice, clean and simple. Good work.
     Would I buy this? Yes. Do it. 

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