Friday, June 8, 2012

Gnaw Their Tongues/Corephallism split 10"

Gnaw Their Tongues/Corephallism
Split 10"
Lascivious Aesthetics

I have mentioned this before but this record really falls under the sub category of records I feel horrible about listening to around my two year old daughter. I know if one day, when she is grown up, she becomes some sort of psycho killer or black widow I will probably tell an aging Anderson Cooper that I have no idea why my daughter is on a kill crazy rampage but in the back of my mind I will probably think it's all because of Gnaw Their Tongues, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Actuary. The Gnaw Their Tongues side of this record is probably what you are expecting but that is only if you are expecting scary, dark and twisted industrial sounding noise, doom, filth. It's terrifying as always and well worth listening to over and over. This is my first exposure to Corephallism and I was wondering who would compliment/juxtapose Gnaw Their Tongues' insanity. What I found was something that actually does both. The two tracks from Corephallism have an underlining drone of beautiful swelling strings and synths. On their own these could both be solid tracks but then there is a constant destruction of these tracks that completely elevates them to a new level of anxiety and tension. I am very happy to have found this one. 
      Visually it's simple but really perfect. Nice simple design with some creepy photos of bound breast and dead looking legs. It's slightly disturbing enough to realize that after I die and my daughter has inherited all my records she is going to find this and think, "yup, Pop was a creep". The typography is pretty cool. The upside down cross on the cover is maybe a little obvious but it still looks cool with the san serif font (maybe Cassius Sans). It's solid.
     Would I buy this? Yes

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  1. Yeah, I really dig this record too. My wife has had to ask me to put this one away a couple of times.