Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lightning Path "ashre-{2}-Yuggoth" cs

Lightning Path
Brave Mysteries

This is a trip. A long, long trip but completely worth it. Brave Mysteries has been putting out very quality cassettes for quite awhile; Horseback, Rose Croix, The Mumber Toes, Etc. Lightning Path is no different. This is a full length album on cassette that moves in so many different directions and moods that you almost feel as if you are spending a week in a teepee sweating a vision out instead of sitting at your desk sweating out your lunch. It's a bit psychedelic but not in the way you might think… It's actually quite hard for me to explain. The name has a Lovecraftian vibe that I think is appropriate as well. Maybe this is the lullaby that is keeping a great beast below the waves. I don't know. The noise, the guitars, the half shouted obscure vocals, the quiet buzzing drones and harsh shakes of noise. It's confounding and beautiful. I don't know what else to say other than buy this. 
     It looks weird. Weird in both a good way and a ugly way. The cover is one of those slightly naive yet spiritual paintings you see homeless people on Haight st. trying to sell. It totally works with the strange outsider music you hear but the computer work on this is hampered by some awful purple textures. It's unnecessary and I sort of want to redesign it. Oh well. It's a killer record.
     Would I buy this? I would totally buy this. 

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