Saturday, June 9, 2012

John Butcher, Jerome Bryerton & Mike Khoury/Bacakzkowski & Sack Duo split cs

John Butcher, Jerome Bryerton & Mike Khoury/Bacakzkowski & Sack Duo
Split cs
House of Alchemy

Two sides of completely destroyed free jazz. First side is from a live recording on the radio with an audience and the second was recorded in a studio of sorts. Both projects definitely fit in the same genre and approach the same ideas musically. Sort of in the same way they would if they were both doing HNW. The best description I can give for both of these acts would be to say that it sounds like taking jazz apart the way it came together. Primal, broken and haunted. It's pretty beautiful and completely noisy. It doesn't care about time signatures or keys it just cares about stirring the pot until tiny bubbles of pure jazz spatter across your ears. Some may find this too bizarre and maybe even a bit annoying but i think it's quite impressive.
     Visually I don't really get anything from it that implies what I may be about to listen to. In context it just seems a little throw away. It's fine but it's not blowing anyone's mind the way the music might. This is one of those cases where I think someone could have tried a little harder.
     Would I buy this? It's hard to say on this one. I guess if I really had to answer that I would say no but maybe. Very torn. 

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