Friday, June 15, 2012

A Story of Rats/Hellvete split cs

A Story of Rats/Hellvete split cs
Eiderdown Records

No surprise here but this is amazing. First of all this is an excellent follow-up to last years' A Story of Rats 12" on Eiderdown. Amazing, haunting, psychedelic drone work from Garek Von Druss but this time he is joined by James Woodhead (At the Head of the Woods) to create something brilliant. I am very pleased to have heard this one and I am a bit envious. Something really special happens when Garek decides to record. Hellvete is also in a similar world of drone but this is a bit more constant. It's direct, unrelenting and bores right through you. I would put this up there with Birchville Cat Motel. I really enjoy this.
     As far as looks go this is wonderful. Cartoonist Max Clotfelter illustrated the covers and hand lettered the credits and it looks awesome. I can't be happier with this one. Nicely screened by Broken Press as well. A lot of love here.
      Would I buy this? yeah. Right away. 

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