Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anro "Dark Path" cd

Dark Path
Utech Records

Utech Records has yet to release anything that is not both aesthetically pleasing and a total gift to the listener. Anro is absolutely no exception. This sounds a bit like classical Japanese and Chinese music with a touch of modern tensions and form. The music is so spiritual in nature that I can't help but feel slightly cleaner from having listened to this. Droning strings, slightly drunken flutes, Noh type chants along with a chorus of slight howls and raised voices paints a landscape across your forehead. Like a procession of ghosts traveling to an afterlife that no longer exists. It's sad and beautiful. 
Visually it is simple and stunning. I would never even have the audacity to criticize something that Keith Utech designed. His handling of type is impeccable and the production of his cds is tops. 
Would I buy this? Yes. 

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