Tuesday, June 12, 2012

K. Stoukalin "Органы и механизм" cdr

K. Stoukalin
Органы и механизм
Self Released

Right off the bat there are a lot of samples. In Russian, so in a way that makes its a bit more palatable, but still this is sample heavy in the beginning. Each track on this sounds as if it is a new version of the same song. The noise is very piercing but it feels kind of lazy. Not in a bad way but you have these brutal high pitch tones just sort of sauntering on by. This doesn't really have a lot of intensity to it for me. None of this makes it bad, just off putting and maybe that means it's a success. I think there could honestly be a little more restraint on the filter knobs of whatever synth is being played though. You kind of get that new-guy-making-noise-thing happening where the knob is being twisted a lot back and forth and just kinda sounds like he is testing his equipment and not performing or creating with it. There are some sublet uses of percussion throughout that sound pretty cool and break up the crazy piercing tones but it doesn't really do enough to make me ignore the too often samples. If it wasn't' for the samples I would still have some issues but I would be more engaged for sure. Although Russian is a gorgeous language.
     It looks pretty DIY and punk. Strange bit mapped art on the cover and some wacky type treatment of the cyrillic text. It's not horrible but I am not that into it. 
     Would I buy this? No.

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