Monday, June 18, 2012

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan "The Anti-Thurston: Complete" cdr

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
The Anti-Thurston: Complete
Baby Smasher 

So I did not have high hopes for this one. It looks horrendous and contains a song that is as long as a cdr will allow. Just over 77 minutes. I put this off for awhile too just because I couldn't imagine listening to this in one sitting. Right now I am making tapes though and I decided to give it a try. I am a little shocked at how much I enjoy this actually. This is so varied and strange that I can only compare it to walking through a shopping mall built entirely out of fucked up music, tripping balls.  It starts with a sample of a 911 call about a woman stabbing her child and that kinda bugs me but it immediately falls into this nice rhythmic noise that drives you forward. Then it builds into more straight up noise and sits there for awhile, fucking with you. As the cd goes on it jumps around. Sound collage, krautrock, drone, psychotic Andre' Popp style music that sorta sounds like "christmas cats" , some sort of weird sampled 80's music as heard from the trunk of a parked car…  it's totally fucking strange. You end up with some more samples but it's not too bad. Overall the audio is real strong and I wouldn't have guessed it because…
     It looks fucking horrible. Lame art, terrible design and really slapped together packaging. That in itself is an aesthetic and I know some people really go for that but it's not something I would ever grab off a merch table. Limited to 30 copies.
     Would I buy this? It sounds so interesting but looks so crappy it's hard to say but I think the music is winning me over. Yeah, fuck it. I would have to be pretty drunk and the girl selling the merch would have to be very beautiful but in the end, I would recommend this.

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