Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Rainbow Body "Metatron's Cube" cs

The Rainbow Body
Metatron's Cube
Self Released

Gorgeous. I use that word a lot, and it's usually appropriate but never so much as now. Matt Kattman uses guitar and effects to create massive pieces of drone, noise and soundscape in a way that almost melts my heart. Fans of Eluvium would be encouraged to take note here but it doesn't sound exactly like that. A little more raw, repetitive and harsh. Noise breaks up swelling waves of orchestral sound, tiny glitches in the fabric of a drone peak through here and there…  it's excellent. 
     Visually it's very simple yet it works nicely. Full color cover made up of a collage of sky shots and simple typography on the inside. Note: The case did arrive to broken and I decided to leave it. Not sure why...
     Would I buy this? Yes. 

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