Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lasse Marhaug "The Great Silence" cd

Lasse Marhaug
The Great Silence

This may be one of the most ironic titles in awhile. Lasse Marhaug, both recorded and live, is not about the great silence so much as he is about building a great wall.  Although in that there is a great silence, an unspoken and often yearned for silence. For his noise to be so brutal, loud and destructive your mind almost needs to contrast it with the moments you have truly noticed silence. On a boat in the middle of the ocean at night, camping on a mountain top, hiding in a bombshelter, orbiting the planet… anywhere that you noticed the absence of sound would suddenly feel like a refuge, an oasis in a sea of overwhelming distortion. So maybe that is the Great Silence. Either way, this is intensity and is made to effect you. 
      Visually it's pretty simple. Simple body text with a big chunky distressed display type that was hand distressed instead of just being a font. Nicely detail that you always notice even if you don't notice. The cover is a man, I think Lasse, having lunch on a log next to a lake with an empty rowboat waiting on the shore. Maybe I was right about the Great Silence.

      Would I buy this? Lasse did it, so yeah, I  wouldn't be able to help myself. (DJ)

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