Saturday, June 2, 2012

nxfxtxex "Tcm-359000v." cdr

Shit Music for Shit People

This cdr is broken up into four tracks. The first is a twenty plus minute track of cut up tape loops and manipulated field recordings. It's close in style to Mixed Band Philanthropist but it's really kind of a mess instead a dense sound collage. Lot's of stopping and starting, no real context to anything. It doesn't feel intentional. Almost like someone kept leaving the room as they made it. The following tracks are more straight up noise and it's pretty awesome followed by the final track that also sounds similar to the first track but a lot stronger. I would say 75% of the tracks are very solid but that first track is just really not doing it for me. 
     The art and packaging are so crappy looking that I actually like it. The text  is heavily pixelated but it goes along perfectly with the MSPaint style artwork. The text is too big but in that way that old video games looked sort of horrible with monster text in center placement. It's not something I would pick up if I saw this at the record shop but now that I am holding it I think it's kind of charming.
     Would I buy this? Probably not. 

Note: I used someone else's photo because after I reviewed this I put it somewhere around here and I can't seem to find it. I need to be more organized. 

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