Thursday, June 25, 2015

U-731—By All Means cd

By All Means
Black Plagve

Very dark, very bleak and a little disturbing. This project gets into a deep slow moving darkness right off the bat and stays with you for the whole record. Dark Industrial releases like this have to hit me in the right mood but today it’s doing it. The vocals are heavily effected but the performance behind them feels very real. This doesn’t feel acted. Most of tracks seem to have a fade in which does make me feel like this is less of a focused album and more of a collection of songs but the songs themselves are cohesive yet still unique from one another. It’s a solid release for when you just want to feel horrible. Well done. 

The cd is solid. The design is something you’ve seen a million times before but I have no real complaints or suggestions other than I’d love to see these designers have more fun with the limitations of cd packaging. I am a bit surprised that people are using holocaust imagery on their records still. It basically has no effect on me whatsoever. It’s become pretty passé. Maybe if the imagery wasn’t altered or maybe if they had redrawn or painted the imagery to give it a more personal feel I could relate a bit more but photoshopping your logo onto the prison uniforms of war prisoners is kinda dumb. 

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