Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ryan Huber—Astor cdr

Ryan Huber
Inam Records

Someone, someday is going to have to reissue the entire Inam Records catalog in a massive LP boxset. It’s all so good and every release is an edition of 25 copies it seems like. The most recent thing I have received is this Ryan Huber cdr. It’s a homage to texture that combines drones with sounds that seem both comforting and anxious. No track ever gets too long—which is usually something experimental artists have a hard time with—and every track is totally unique in it’s own way. Seriously the only real shame is that not everyone who’s ever paid too much for a Wolf Eyes lp on eBay is snatching these up the second they come out. 

Looks great. Inam Records has always done a great job taking minimal, inexpensive packaging and making it look like a million bucks. There is a small typographical issue with the numbers and song titles on here and maybe an issue with type size but these aren’t such huge flaws that they bring down the overall aesthetic of this. They just need to get The Elements of Typographic Design and memorize that book and all that will be sorted out.

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