Friday, June 26, 2015

Pleasure Curses—Pure Lust cs

Pleasure Curses
Pure Lust

just noticed the crack in the case... crap. 

This is pretty cool electro-pop from a group I have never heard of. It sounds like something that a girl who would never have anything to do with me would really be into. It is definitely made to fuck to. For that I am pretty into it. 

This looks great. The colors are perfect and the design is really solid. My only tiny issue is the tiny type. I think this was designed to be a cd or something larger because I have a hard time thinking anyone would intentionally have 2pt type in their layout. Still it’s one of the best and simplest designed tapes I have reviewed. It makes me think of Jessica Walsh and I really like Jessica Walsh. Her design of course, not just her epic beauty.

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