Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nate Scheible—Rhetoric cs

Nate Scheible
self released?

I feel like with a little research—which I am loathed to do—I could find out what other projects  Nate Scheible has done. I feel like he has to have some experience because this is really accomplished sounding. It is sophisticated and the sounds contrast in such a beautiful way. There are grumbling roars like wind in a mic contrasted with piercing feedback that fades into beautiful human voices. It has a sublet icelandic quality, whatever that might mean. Between the noise and really expert guitar playing—assuming he is playing it because it may be a found sound—there is a atmosphere you can almost feel when listening. The air gets a little colder and smells a little more fresh when this tape is being played. The spell is only broken when certain tracks almost seem to “change the channel” into a moment where you feel like a TV from the 1970s is crashing into your brain. In reality it is basically a masterstroke of experimental music and you really need to buy this. The art is fine. Not amazing but totally acceptable. Maybe it’s good to have such understated artwork as to not give away how good the music inside is going to be. The type is pretty good. Gotham? Maybe? I’m not a big fan of letterspacing the lowercase letters though. Jonsi gets away with it but that is in a logo and even then…

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