Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rusty Pacemaker—Ruins cd

Rusty Pacemaker
Solanum Records

Nope. I really don’t like this. I have listened to it a few times to try to pull something positive out of this. I just can’t find enough good to outweigh how much I dislike this. It’s performed really well and at times it can sound a little like Voivod if they went for a more melodramatic, anthemic type of metal but it’s really just not for me. First of all it’s full of guitar solos that are so self-indulgent they only distract from the songs themselves which could at least be okay but would probably still be a little boring. The singing. The singing just doesn’t work for me at all. There are some pretty rad death growls here and there which fit the music okay but mostly it's just these over-enunciated sung vocals. The vocals sing along with the music in the same way you might freestyle lines to your cat over a Joe Satriani song you’ve never heard before about how she is going to get food or how her poo is stinky. Then there is whistling. Oh, and some humming… Jesus Christ, I feel like this guy is fucking with me. This is all just the first song by the way. It gets a little better at times but really it just gets worse. Looking at the layout and reading the letter to the listener he writes makes me think that this guy might be really cool and knows a lot of amazing musicians and that's great but really the layout makes this seem more like he hired the crew from his local Guitar Center and had them all make a dark, gothic-inspired, metal record with him. There are so many logos on the inside of cd layout that I assume that might actually be correct. The layout itself is as much of an afterthought as the band’s name. I’ll stop here. 

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