Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dave Webb—Dalet cs

Dave Webb
Ha Recordings

Dave Webb is known in Seattle mainly for the heavier acts he has been involved with. Girth, Wah-Wah Exit Wound and most recently Spacebag have all been blessed with his amazing abilities. He can play guitar like a mother fucker. By that I mean he can play very well. This tape shows just how far that can go. Dave is a very accomplished at playing blues and jazz as well which is very apparent on these guitar tracks. Calling them guitar solos would be appropriate as everything you hear, except a meow, is played form his guitar but they are actually more songs. There is layering and interesting effects that take the guitar into really interesting places. Dave’s ability is pretty much unmatched short of anyone in the city not currently playing in Master Musicians of Bukkake and I implore you to see him play live, especially with Spacebag—which by the way, contains the best drummer, Andrew Gormley, and the best keyboardist you will ever see play in your life, Luke Laplante. The three of them are unstoppable. I don’t have much to say about the cassette layout. It’s fine. It looks super 90s and I think I find that really charming. The type isn’t very legible but it really adds to the 90s vibe so that’s fine. 

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