Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Mother Nature—2 cs

New Mother Nature
Sophomore Lounge

Yeah, okay. I can get with this. It took a few songs for me to get into it but it’s pretty damn good. I’d say that if you just love Bonnie Prince Billy you will find a lot to like on this release. Not to say it sounds really like BPB… just… sorta… at times. It’s really a mix of a lot of different things. I hear some Dinosaur Jr., a little Murder City Devils, some Neutral Milk Hotel, a touch of Husker Dü and maybe something like old Built to Spill. It’s actually pretty hard to nail down but it’s not bad at all. The tape is a little long but I think making it through will make you pretty happy if anything I listed above sounds like you would dig it. 

The packaging is the lovely arigato pack from stump town printers. The design is pretty solid but the printing job seems a little slap dash and not in an intentional way. I’d see to that…

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