Thursday, June 25, 2015

Meridian Arc—Out of Stasis cdr

Meridian Arc
Out of Stasis
Broken Press

Another excellent synth exploration from Seattle’s Meridian Arc. This is very similar and maybe a companion to his last release but this seems to be a little more immediate. It’s seven tracks and it’s very much a full record that I am sure will find it’s way, along with it’s brother, onto vinyl in the near future. The tones on this are just dying to be etched into a beautiful black record. This is the stuff of John Carpenter’s dreams and it will probably be of yours as well. Excellent work.

All Broken Press releases now have this really cohesive look and are expertly screen printed by Andrew Crawshaw, the mind behind Meridian Arc. You almost have to own them all.

Oh yeah, this is also available now as a cassette.

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