Thursday, June 18, 2015

Japanese Women—A Solitary Vision 7"

Japanese Women
A Solitary Vision
Self Released

I really love this band. I think they make amazing choices when it comes to writing music. It’s heavy, it’s interesting and it brings me back to one of the best times in music. The Mid-late 90’s when you had Craw, Laughing Hyenas, Chokebore, Jesus Lizard, Archers of Loaf, Guzzard, Slint, Melvins and Today is the Day putting out the best records ever made.  Japanese Women would have ruled over those aforementioned bands like a benevolent dictator but the only problem is the less than amazing choices they make when they decide not to tour. I can’t really talk because I don’t really tour anymore but I’ve been around this and other countries many times and I am an old man now so I have my excuse. These guys need to be out there, dying slowly on the inside, and sharing this stuff with everyone. Anyhow, this 7” is fucking great. Find it from them and listen to it a whole bunch. It looks like the blueprints to a spaceship. It’s weird. 

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