Friday, June 26, 2015

Amalgamated—Solvé et Coagula cs

Solvé et Coagula

Amalgamated is great! I had a cd of theirs to review as well but before I could write about it I lost it. Dammit. It may show up somewhere in the rat’s nest (I actually have a ridiculously clean apartment but my daughter does like to hide things) but until then let me first say that you probably can’t go wrong with any Amalgamated release. This one titled Solvé et Coagula, which may be the hundredth album titled that, is a serious journey. Remember how rad Snowpiercer was? Going through all those great train cars that all have a unique sound and theme. That is very much like this record. It feels like you are moving through something. This is what I love about tapes. Tapes sort of demand that you sit and listen all the way through. You can’t just easily skip tracks so it’s best just to enjoy the ride. You will with this.

The concept behind this one is great. I like the oversized case a lot and there are a bunch of little details that rule. It’s very “crafty” so it’s not very professional and the execution of some of the elements can be a little sloppy but it’s still pretty cool. There is a massive booklet of artwork inside that goes very well with the audio and a strange collage/decoupage of stickers that make up the label. It’s cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing this exact thing with some nicer printing as the dark text is very hard to read but that’s really just nitpicking. 

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