Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hadals/Japanese Women/Pleasuredome/Pornagraphy/Settlement—Split cs

Hadals/Japanese Women/Pleasuredome/Pornagraphy/Settlement
Tapes of a Neon God

Finally TOANG #1 comes out! I know how that feels. I still have a bunch of holes in my Dead Accents’ catalog numbers. Anyhow, this is an excellent split by all these bands that are of the TOANG stable. Except maybe Settlement might be making a first appearance. I think this is my first time hearing them. I think my readers know how I feel about all these bands. They are all great and especially on here. Many people through their bunk songs onto compilations and splits (see. Great Falls) but everything on here is one of the strongest examples I have heard. The Hadals tracks is a huge, sad adventure, the Japanese Women song is one of my new favorites with an ending I am totally ripping off, Pleasuredome might be debuting here as well but I have heard them before and this is just as epic and lush as anything else, Pornography is seriously heavy in the way that Toadliquor is heavy and also has a part I am going to steal and Settlement didn’t really have me until near the end when you there is a departure from a long, winding guitar peace to the sound of someone’s dog going crazy before someone or maybe that dog, starts going bananas on a floor tom. It’s super crazy and it’s great. The layout is nicely done but the type should probably have been a pt or two larger. I can barely read anything and the yellow on white with line through it is basically impossible to see. Still, it’s awesome… of course. 

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