Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ryan Huber—Abiff’s Gaze cdr

Ryan Huber
Abiff’s Gaze
Inam Records

Inam records has never steered me wrong. I should say that I have had this one for awhile and I apologize about the delay but I am glad I got to this. Apparently this is a commissioned work to go along with an exhibit at the University of North Carolina that was shown in the Rowe Arts Gallery. I really wish I could have seen the exhibit itself with the audio because I can guarantee that I would dig it. This audio sounds like loneliness building of a wall in a cave…and it’s great. It goes for sounding depressing to having an almost mania behind it. It’s quite well done.

Looks great as always but I bet it makes a lot more sense in context to the piece. I guess I would have loved a few photos of the exhibit. Sorta like that Stephen O’Malley/Atilla Csihar 6°Fskyquake cdr they did for the Banks Violette pieces. Just a little more context would have been nice. 

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