Thursday, June 25, 2015

Peter Kris—Sprawl and Sky cs

Peter Kris
Sprawl and Sky
A Giant Fern

Well, goddamn.  

This is exceptional, which I expected from half of German Army, but I am pretty floored by something I never realized up until this point. Peter Kris is a really good guitar player. I want to dip that last sentence in some fitting hyperbole but I think the matter-of-fact nature of it needs to come across first. Peter Kris is a really good guitar player. There. I typed it again. I am actually feeling like something in the world has shifted now that I have heard this. I don’t know if I can just walk to my print shop after typing this and not have my whole day be sort of colored by this cassette. I mean this in a good way but I actually feel like there may be some minor shock setting in. I want to type and type and type until I can get through this. I actually have another Peter Kris cassette to review but I think I need to hold off for a couple days. I need to sit down. Right here. For a few minutes while I collect my thoughts…

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