Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lazlow Pigeon/Jim Gizzard—split cdr

Lazlow Pigeon/Jim Gizzard
split cdr
Meat hearth Enterprises

So I was a little surprised by how good this sounds. The layout, which is pretty bad, really made me this this was going to be very low-rent. Lazlow Pigeon is kinda in the Death Industrial tip. It’s very dark, creepy and textured. It’s not bad at all. The first track is really excellent and it stays up in quality through the end. At the end of the cd is with Jim Gizzard. JG plays a wacky glitchy type of noise that in some circles is mother’s milk. To me it can be kind of annoying. It has this sort of Frank Zappa vibe to me and I’m more of a Captain Beefheart guy. Still though, it held me through the whole thing. I would love to hear more of what these people have to offer. The layout though. It’s not good. Sorry but first of all closing your cd with a “thinly sliced” sticker from the meat department is almost adorable in how "old-timey noise release" it is. Oh, you mean like people being thinly sliced?! Whoa, that’s bending the corners of my typical middle american mind. It’s just tired. The picture on the cover is some grainy black and white that I guess is supposed to be something spooky but the inside is a picture of a sad bit of nostalgia from Chuck ‘E’ Cheese and a picture of Col. Sanders in a coffin. It’s exhausting actually. Oh, and the word “Shred” is stamped over and over again on the cd. I think all the inserts are also printed on regular printer paper and had to be taped into place by whoever assembled them. It just screams "I don't care about this part at all" and that's okay. Just do a digital only release. you don't have to make a physical object. I love them and that's a big part of the creation process but if you don't are then just don't do it. It's cool.

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