Friday, June 26, 2015

Strngl V/Pelktopia—Noosphertilizer III cs

Strngl V/Pelktopia
Noosphertilizer III

Okay. This took me a minute to realize this was a split but it’s pretty killer. Strngl V has this odd quiet/noisy thing. It sounds like there is a small, exploding gathering in a village beyond the mountain you are climbing over. It’s actually quite beautiful in it’s crashing and swelling. Pelktopia is really similar which is cool but I was wondering if it was just the same artist. It’s also great though. Lots of subtle rhythms driving through wash of sound. This has an almost avian vibe. Like this could deb how birds dream. It’s weird but good. 
The layout is cool. The font isn’t the most readable but it makes a nice display type. They could have probably used something like Helvetica or Akzidenz Grotesk for the smaller type but it’s cool. Like the other Aubjects release this also has a booklet filled with excellent artwork. These are the kind of things that make people actually want to own your releases so I salute them for that. This is a nice package with quality throughout. 

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