Saturday, June 20, 2015

Teeth Engraved—Starving the Fires (pt. 1) cd

Teeth Engraved
Starving the Fires (pt. 1)
Malignant Records

Death Industrial usually goes really right or really wrong for me but this is a little different. It kinda lives in the middle somewhere. This album in general is quite good. Dark, moody, scary and it paints a really beautiful picture in your mind. Something lost and forgotten finally stirring from its ancient slumber. That type of thing. There are a few moments when it gets a little… well, it’s never really bad but it seems to lose focus a little. Some of the tracks are over long and some of the vocals kinda miss for me but I think the overall strengths of this album definitely make up for any shortcomings. My general complaint is the length. It’s not crazy long for an album of this genre but it just feels like if you are going to call it pt. 1 of something you should make us want pt. 2, not make us feel good that we made it through pt. 1. That is all. 

Packaging is cool, simple and clean. They could have done more with something as large as a DVD case but there are no real type crimes or bad art. It’s all very fitting. 

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