Monday, February 6, 2017

Rjyan Kidwell—Certainty/Identity cs

Rjyan Kidwell
Automation Records

This is fucking killer. Damn. Beautiful and intense electronic music that seems very much like it could be a score or soundtrack to the best movie of 2020. It’s so forward thinking and bold that I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating this. I am floored and humbled by the taste level of the person that put this together. It is never pretentious but is still is always somehow a few steps ahead of the listener. Really amazing work. I kinda want to try my hand at describing this but I think you will just have to hear it yourself. Check out the band camp page here and then immediately buy the tape. 

The tape itself is understated but still beautiful and thoughtfully done, even with absolutely not text at all. A better compliment for the album. This is living on my bookshelf forever. 


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