Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Actuary/Seamstress —split cs

split cs
Skin Trade Recordings

So there is a whole new label you need to check out. Skin Trade Recordings. I just got a huge box of stuff from this group and it’s all killer. I will have a few new ones up over the coming days/weeks as I sit with them more but this is fantastic. The first one I dove into was this Acutary/Seamstress split. Now we all know that Actuary rules so I barely need to talk about this but it’s great. Harsh as fuck and spooky to boot. I haven’t met an Actuary track that hasn’t wigged me out a bit. I keep typing Actuary as ACtuary. It makes me think that they should do a tribute to Anal Cunt and call it A.C.tuary… Have they done this already? Is this like the time I thought i had invented Twitter a year after it had existed?
Seamstress is brand new to me. Maybe to you too but here is the scoop. At least on this first listen for me this is a bit of a crashing, piercing guitar-born noise (I think it’s guitar. The frequencies seem like it’s being created with a guitar). There is no note here though. Do not confuse this with music. This is better. It’s visceral and immediate and happening right now when you listen to it. It’s good. I like Seamstress. 

All of the Skin Trade releases look great. It is another label that is able to get really nice packaging without spending a ton of money. I love this. It’s so easy to make a release of 100 tapes look good but still print it at a Kinkos for $20. Good typography (there are a couple strange tracking/kerning choices on this but I kinda like it for some reason), decent art and a taste level to handle it all will carry you a long way. Kudos to STR (their name gets a bit long to type over an over. Although I could have typed it one more time in less time it would have taken to type my explanation of why I didn’t type the entire name out. Or of this explanation. Or this. Or this. Or this…)

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