Friday, June 3, 2016

Hoops—A Whiff of Spirits cs

A Whiff of Spirits
self released

This is very intimate. This is like a small delicate noise diary. Little found moments, signal noise, tape manipulatios… they are seem so sweet and delicate. Yeah, delicate. That is what i would use to describe most of this. I like it. It feels like seeing a show in someone’s bedroom with just you and two other people you’ve never met. I’m into it. 

It looks pretty good. It has this faraway memory vibe that goes with the audio. The type is fine. Nothing to complain about here…

Alexandra Atnif/Constable Flavour—remix cassette

Alexandra Atnif/Constable Flavour
remix cassette
self released?

So here is another one from that Alexandra Atnif. This time it is a collaboration with Constable Flavor in which they remix each other’s tracks. Hmm. SO now we have two mysterious LA based artist making some pretty killer industrial, noise with some pretty heavy beats. It’s great. Definitely something you are going to dig if you can ever find it. The layout is rather simpler but it’s thoughtfully down with a good handling of the type. I appreciate that. 

Komissar Hjuler und Mama Baer—Leben Gesteingt Selektion cs

Komissar Hjuler und Mama Baer
Leben Gesteingt Selektion
Black Horizons

This is really, really, really, really, interesting. I don’t even know exactly how to classify this. It sounds like something that is built out of field recordings and very up close and personal noise and folk performances. I could imagine hearing this at a MOMA somewhere in conjunction with a beautiful art installation. Thankfully, Black Horizons did a wonderful job packaging this so you sort of get that. I still have a hard time describing this. I know it’s still available from the label so maybe just go get it. It’s really good. 

(i’m going to use the images from BH’s website. They look way best than my crappy pictures)