Friday, October 7, 2016

The Lower Echelon—Come to the Loud cs

The Lower Echelon
Come to the Loud
Unpossible Records

This takes me back. If you were ever a fan of early Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine or any of those early, great Lookout Records releases you will probably find this as fun as I did. It’s punk, it’s pissed, it’s catchy as hell. They may not like this comparison but I think I hear a touch of Fear in there as well and I dig that. It has this drunk, angry, happiness that I just love. 

The layout and artwork aren’t really my thing. The drawing is pretty cool but the whole layout, especially the type, feels like an afterthought. I would have loved to taken a stab at this because I can see ways that I feel this would have been more attractive to me but it’s fine. Don’t let that stop you. This is worth it for the killer Jam cover alone.