Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hey all. Thanks for all the emails and questions. I will answer them all here.

Yes, I am still doing this. I had to take a long break while I found a new place for me and my family to live in Seattle (not an easy task since Amazon has decided to strip mine wealth from the country/world and therefore fuck up their home city. Bezos must die.) but I am now settled. I have been also pretty busy with the summer trade show for my print shop, Annie's Art & Press. Thankfully those are now over but the work is kicking into high gear. That said, if any of you want letterpress work for your cassettes, cdrs or vinyl please let me know. I will give discounts to people from the blog. The price point on letterpress is a bit high but I think I can get it to a reasonable place.

I will be posting reviews here and there for the rest of the year, and into next year, but it may take a little while still until you see your release. I try to keep them all straight (there is a giant pile next to my desk) but there is a possibility that I miss one of two. I apologize for that but if you took the time to send them I will take the time to review them.

I am getting ready to do a short tour with Sutekh Hexen this October throughout the west coast.  It will be as a guitar player for Sutekh Hexen but I will be playing sets as Blsphm too. Please come see me and we can either hug or fight. Up to you.

Here is the new mailing address:

6755 25th ave NW
Upper Floor
Seattle WA 98117

Thanks for making physical media. You all rule.