Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Deathstench/Actuary—split lp

King of the Monsters

This may make it into the newspaper one day as the record that a future serial killer listened to on repeat before doing something witchy. It’s that super dark and creepy type of power electronics that can entertain some and inflict pain on others. I love this stuff. Both acts on here can have a line drawn from “Hamburger Lady” to this record and along the way there is a lot of brutality. I think you probably know both of these acts if you are reading this so I don’t feel the need to go into detail too much but this is some dark shit… I will say that there are some samples at one point that take me out of it a little but the vocals on this record, when they appear are so fucking killer that I will remember this for a long time. 

The artwork is great. As far as packaging goes it is standard LP fare but the artwork is awesome and covers the front and back. I like that level of confidence. Nice work. 

Vapor Lanes—Hieratic Teen lp

Vapor Lanes
Hieratic Teen

I love doing reviews because I often get turned onto acts that are brand new to me but totally rule. This is another. Head over to Vapor Lane’s bandcamp and hear for yourself. Drone, noise, shoegaze,  synth space outs… It’s all awesome. it moves a little faster than what you might first think and I like that. It sort of keeps the interest up. 

The layout is pretty simple and type heavy. I like that. It reminds me of something I have seen before but I can’t place it… like a Blur record or something… Maybe it’s just me. Still it’s solid. Good work. 

Macho Blush—Firma cs

Macho Blush
self released?

Pure cacophony. 

I really dig how fucking strange this is. 

You will too.

The End

Sparklebomb—Bring in the Night cs

Bring in the Night
Prime Ruin

This starts out with a throb. A rhythmic, pulsating throbbing sound that I found very disturbing. After that it sort of goes on this experimental journey. Drone, electronic loops, samples… Each track is a little different but there is a cool cohesion to the whole thing. It feels like a look into an artist’s mind. Someone who maybe has a lot of different things going on but all of them tell their story. 

The layout has this cool cut and paste quality to it that I really dig. Like an old paste up board design that they didn’t care if you saw the edges. It’s great.