Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Various Artists—WCCZ comp cs

WCCZ (West Coast Cum Zardinia compilation)
Tingo Tongo Tapes

So at first I thought this was one project and I was shocked at how diverse this was. Then I actually looked at the J card. I feel dumb but this is a huge compilation of amazing experimental west coast (just California and Oregon) projects of all types. You have some loft drone, some orchestral cacophonies, some straight up noise, some more snazzy instrumental weirdness in the vein of Lightning Bolt or early Black Dice… There is a lot of different approaches to the kind of shit that I just love. I have always loved comps because I feel like they really help in building and bridging scenes. I really hope that each of these projects have these on their merch tables and are spreading this around because we could use more of this. Especially on this coast where touring can be difficult with lots of long drives… You know what someone should do? Someone should get a booking collective on the west coast for stuff like this. Say you want to head from Bellingham to San Diego in a week. There should be a place you can email your info to and they will book you a show a day with minimal driving but instead of this being some disconnected booking agent this would be a group of people who actually do this stuff, are will to play as well when you hit Seattle, Chico, Bakersfield… wherever… and they don’t do it for money but to support all of us because when we are all supported as a group we are supported as individuals. Hmmm… I would be happy to do it in Seattle or at least help as much as possible. See! See how inspiring comps can be. 

I would say that as great as the outside of this tape looks the inside is basically illegible. That’s a bit of a bummer. Oh well. Still an excellent release! Thanks guys.

Here is a list of every act on this cassette:

Swump Thangs (CA), 13 Fires (Los Angeles, CA), Whereas (Los Angeles, CA), Existence Habit (Astoria, OR), Elegant Humanoid (Arcata, CA), Captain Captain (Arcata, CA), Divine Brick (Los Angeles, CA), Present (Los Angeles, CA), and Failings (Portland, OR)

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