Thursday, February 16, 2017

German Army—Kurgan Hearth cs

German Army
Kurgan Hearth

Fuck. German Army is back at it with another full length in my mailbox in less than 2 weeks. I figured they were done or even exhausted by the huge amount of stuff they released over the last few years but apparently that was not at all the case. This is another excellent record full of pure hypnotism. The loops act almost like that lock groove at the end of the record that you let go for days and days just to see if you loose your mind. Which you do. And it’s great. Their taste level is on full display with knowing how long a track should be and how deep they should dive into each loop and sample. This one has some almost world music moments and I am all about this. Good luck finding this tape. It’s from a Portugal label so it’s probably difficult to find in the states. So worth it though.

I'm sort of looking forward towards a mediocre GA album. I am probably starting to sound like their proud parent or mesmerized boyfriend...

The layout is great and the art fits perfectly with the music. Awesome. I don’t love the words of the band and album title being upside down on the spine but I don’t really care too much about that. Also I should note that I wasn’t totally sure if this was a split or if Kurgan Hearth was the album title due to the lack of typographical hierarchy but I pretty much knew what to expect with GA. Great album. 

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