Tuesday, February 7, 2017

German Army—Te Ano cs

German Army
Te Ano
Opal Tapes

How excited was I to get a new German Army cassette in my mailbox the other day? Holy shit I have missed these. Most readers here will know that I gush over German Army a lot and I am probably not going to stop today. It was exactly what I needed. This is a full length album of 12 tracks that show exactly the kind of work German Army is known for (there is a couple tracks that I think had been on something before but I could be wrong. I feel like i recognize a couple here though). For those that aren’t familiar I will say that GA sort of pick up where Coil left off but also do something that is in no way a throwback. This exists entirely in its own world. Loops, samples, noise, texture and excellent taste dictate what you will hear on any GA release and I have yet to be disappointed. I doubt you will either. 

The design is clean and simple but with a small collection of images that when viewed together seem to give you the beginnings of a narrative that you are not privy to. Looks great. Sounds great. Is great. 

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