Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aidan Baker & Lärmschultz—Hetrotic ISMS Vol. 4 cs

Aidan Baker & Lärmschultz
Hetrotic ISMS Vol. 4
Landanimal Tapes

I know nothing of this label either but this is a fantastic release… kinda revitalizing in a way. I have always been a fan of Aidan Baker’s bands and his solo work so I was stoked to see this collaboration. I was definitely not disappointed in this one. Guitars, drums, synths make for a moving, swirling experience that kind of breathes a bit of new life into what can sometimes be a too self-referential genre. Drone I mean. The definition is kind of widening a bit and while this doesn’t completely turn it on it’s head it sort of pushes the boundaries. The sounds are small yet the note combinations are much more complicated than you might be used to. The rhythms are constant but they go from sounding like drums to just tones and back again seamlessly. It’s certainly something to get lost in.

The packaging is a simple j-card but the layout is exceptional. Great work. I am going to now look for volume 1–3.