Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shining Sex/She Walks Crooked—split cs

Shining Sex & She Walks Crooked
split cs
Petite Soles

I think i have made my opinions on the whole harsh noise meets devious sex/misogyny thing pretty clear. I get that it is a bit ironic and satirical but it is also a bit tired. Regardless though this is great. I think any quality HNW is pretty much peaches with me and both of these acts are really fucking good at it. I am glad to have heard this and I definitely recommend checking it out. 

The art and song titles fall into that whole “watch out! I make girls nervous with the juxtaposition of black and white photos that have boobs in them and the intensity of my sounds!” thing, but it looks nice. The photos are well printed and do a good job of being unsettling. The type is simple and well handled and you know how much of a big deal that is for me. Nice job printing heavy black on an interesting colored card stock instead of just plain white. For something so simple you can really see that this release had some thought and care put into it. Good label. Good quality. 

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