Thursday, January 26, 2017

Merzbow—Aodron cd

Automation Records

There is a new Merzbow cd. Go buy it. I am now sure what to say really. I have loved everything in the 30+ years or so that M. Akita has done. I probably at one time owned almost 200 Merzbow cds, lps and 7”s and I listened to them all constantly. There were a few that were weaker than others but for those that don’t know my first noise show ever was in 1995 (I think) with Daniel Menche, Masonna and Merzbow before he went straight laptop and it was life changing in a way that I cannot express. I remember almost leaning into a friend for almost an hour while I was being pummeled by something I had never heard before. Masonna played for about 7 minutes and Merzbow for almost an hour and a half. They were a three piece at the time and it was incredible. I still think about it. Constantly. I was chasing that for a long time with Merzbow releases. I think a few really stood out for me: Mort Aux Vaches:Locomotive Breath, Pulse Demon, split with Bastard Noise, Spiral Honey and probably a handful of others—as you can tell the mid 90’s was my favorite era of Merzbow. Anyway this is another piece in that huge chain of recapturing what it felt like to be assaulted and cared for by pure beautiful noise. I recommend you add this piece.

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