Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Acre/Andorkappen—split cs

split cassette
Universal Consciousness

Nice. I haven’t heard Acre in years, since I played with him in PDX back when Nadja toured. I remember him being kind of a jerk to me but I did really enjoy his set. Regardless I didn’t give him much thought after that. Seems like maybe I missed out cause this is great. This piece is reserved yet still completely engaging. It doesn’t wallow in darkness completely but it still has a creepy undertone that clearly still hates me. I like it. 
The Andorkappen track is basically like a dance track for people who wish they were dead. It’s great and is also not at all a dance track… it’s hard to explain but you will know what I mean when you hear it. It kind of made me feel crazy. I am almost glad I didn’t hear this on headphones first or I would probably join the police force immediately afterwards and become an actual Maniac Cop.

I have always loved what UC does with their packaging. This is great except for one little thing. I think putting Acre huge across the top and then Andorkappen smaller below it on the cover was a mistake. i know these are two different projects but the typographic hierarchy implies that the band is Acre and the album is titled Andorkappen. I honestly think it should have just been the crazy overprinted black textures but whatever.. it’s still great.  

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