Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Silt—Nineteen cs

Forknife Records

Huh. This is weird. Do you guys know the band Evergreen from California in the 1990s? They were what we called emo before a hot topic ever decided it was some genre with terrible screaming/singing, skinny jeans and dumb everything. Well, this sounds a lot like Evergreen to me and that is a great thing. Their split with Still Life and their 7” and lp are really important to me. they sort of have this same sort of totally honest delivery. Where things aren’t always perfectly in key or tune but the music just has this deep-felt honestly. I love this. It takes me right back to 1994 when my life was shitty but also so full of hope and beauty that I almost couldn’t take it. It was a wonderful time. This is a wonderful record. 

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