Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunn 0))) "Grimmrobes Live 101008"

Sunn 0)))
Grimmrobes Live 101008
Southern Lord

This is how Sunn 0))) needs to be heard. Two live tracks of Sunn 0))) as just Greg Andreson and Steve O'Malley. This is them without any organs, vocals, bass or Boris. it's pure HEAVY. No one else does this as well as these two ex-Seattlites do. Especially this cassette as it goes beyond their most obvious influence, Earth 2, and yet still dominates it's contemporaries like Black Boned Angel or Tecumseh. This cassette gets you 1.5 hours of live drone brutality. It's so worth owning. Huge 3 panel j card and it also comes with a download card so you can listen to it in itunes like you know you shouldn't. i am pretty sure these are still available although limited. Let's hope Southern Lord continues with cassettes.

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