Saturday, October 16, 2010

Circuit Wound "they thrive in complacency"

Circuit Wound
they thrive in complacency
Fragment Factory

Holy shit. This is harsh. I didn't know what I expected butIi didn't expect to be hit the way this hits you. I actually feel bad reviewing this because you should discover it the same way I did but fuck it. Sounds a little like Massonna or Merzbow but with more audio dynamics. Swirling chorus tinged walls of destruction. A brutal intro that slowly moves into a hypnotic siren. The second starts out creepy, minimal and live. Similar to At Jennie Richie meets Nurse With Wound. Then everything just explodes. some hilarious crowd noise at the end. My baby daughter started laughing when someone yells "FUCK YEAH!" super loud. It's great. Very recommended and limited to only 50 copies. This label is putting out some pretty interesting things so far and this is no exception. Simple jcard and black cassettes. No frills, no fuss, just fucked.

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