Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dried Up Corpse "nothing from nothing"

Dried Up Corpse
nothing from nothing
Fragment Factory

i am pretty sure all SUNN 0))) records have a little saying on the back that says "maximum volume yields maximum results". this can also be applied to any and all of Stan Reed's projects. as a member of the elusive Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and on his own he constantly delivers brutal, destructive and unintentionally subtle audio destruction. Dried Up Corpse is pretty much a constant HNW, although with proper volume and a focused ear you can hear millions of unique sounds. still incredibly brutal though. it almost sounds like Stan somehow put a contact mic on the nose cone of a space shuttle, reentering Earth's atmosphere. this cassette is just plain intense. the label, Fragment Factory, releases some real quality work (i would recommend picking up the Drowner cdr as well). i look forward to reviewing more of their releases soon. limited to 50 copies. At press time there was 2 left. good luck.

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