Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At Jennie Richie "cathedral of erotic misery"

At Jennie Richie
cathedral of erotic misery
Scum Bag Tapes

i really like the work of Happiness & Forever. At Jennie Richie constantly has awesome output (and their name is also an awesome Henry Darger reference). although some of their releases can vary Cathedral of Erotic Misery has the type of sounds that i first encountered from them. subtle. quiet. like a giant underwater monster slowly traveling under arctic ice sheets. there is so much tension in these sounds that i can actually feel it. this is why i listen to tapes.
communicating with AJR is difficult unless you speak or write french. they are a mystery and we like to keep it that way. the artwork of cathedral of erotic misery is very strange but reminds me of gary panter meets nick blicko, so that rules. not sure how many were made but it can't be many. if you have yet to hear At Jennie Richie i would recommend checking out the cd on Debacle Records that reissues a handful of their hard to find cassettes. if you have any to trade me get in touch. seriously.

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