Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Locrian "Falling Towers/After the Torch Light"

falling towers/after the torch light
Black Horizons

when i first heard Locrian i didn't really give them a chance. i think i heard them at a time when i was getting inundated with a ton of acts working in a similar territory. scary, noisy soundtrack style drone or something like that. i got the Drenched Lands cd and listened to it once, and although i enjoyed it, i put it back in my pile and didn't pick it up again for awhile. then i saw them on a youtube video and i instantly felt a strong connection. watching them perform gave me a new perspective on their sound that i had not had before and i was hooked. they did work within that scary, noisy soundtrack style drone but they meant it. really meant it. this wasn't just trying to be tough and dark it WAS tough and dark. and since then i have really enjoyed everything i have heard from these chicago boys. this cassette is not much of a departure from their recent releases but it has a very interesting structure. there is almost a bit of traditional song structure in there and their movements seems to come and go much quicker. some of the movements are very dark while others are almost beautiful. apparently this is their first release as a three piece and the audio also flips for the b side. beautiful artwork on a seven paneled j card and limited to 200 copies. with their ever growing popularity this is destined to sell out quickly.

This is the video i saw.

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